What level does my playing ability need to be to attend a Matchless™ clinic? Is it for recreational players, or just professional or semi-professional players?

Matchless™ clinics are for tennis players of every level who have a love for the sport and are looking to improve in their technical and tactical skill-sets.

How many days does a Matchless™ clinic last for?

Our clinics are 5 days in length.

How much of the 5 days is on-court time?

Every day will include actual on-court playing and training time. Days 1 and 5 will be half-days.

Will I receive a detailed itinerary prior to arrival?

Once your attendance is secured and confirmed by our team, a detailed itinerary will be sent to you that corresponds with the specific clinic you are attending.

How do I secure my attendance spot at a clinic?

Your completed payment-in-full secures your spot at a Matchless™ clinic.

Will a refund be made available if I am not able to attend?

If you are unable to attend the specific clinic you paid for, credit will be issued for a future Matchless™ clinic.

Are food and drinks provided?

If you chose to opt in to the nutrition and culinary packages, a thoughtfully curated culinary and drink program has been prepared for you throughout your Matchless™ experience and is included in your investment.

Is my hotel room included?

We partner with leading luxury hotel brands around the globe and Matchless™ attendees are offered generous pre-negotiated price reductions during their attendance of a Matchless™ clinic. Associated costs are not included in your investment.

Is Transportation Provided?

Transportation to and from commercial and private airports, the hotel, tennis courts and all coinciding restaurants (if applicable) are included in your investment.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Your tennis racquets and all other tennis attire you prefer to have with you at a tennis clinic.

What kinds of courts will we be playing on?

Court types will vary depending on the clinic location and preferences of confirmed attendees. Courts may include: Hard, Clay and Grass

Will I received one-on-one training, mentoring and assessments from Mats and other professionals that will be in attendance at Matchless™?

One-on-one and group training will be provided by Mats and his partners, along with top-tier assessments and insider knowledge. 

How Many People may attend each clinic?

Attendance is limited to 8 people per clinic due to the intimate, hands-on and specialty nature of every Matchless™ clinic.

What other activities are included in a Matchless™ clinic?

Physical Training

Attendance and Interaction with Various Experts and/or Professionals in the Field of Tennis

Consulting With a Professional Tennis Racquet Customizer

Our clinics are by invitation only and may be subject to approval by both Matchless™ team members and former attendees.